LED Parking Position Lights

Parking lights, also known as position lights, clearance lights, or eyelid lights, are a safety feature that comes standard on all cars with the purpose of alerting others the width of the cars in case the headlight fails. It is very, very important that your car has noticeable and bright parking lights. car-led-light.com is aware of the importance of bright parking lights and we offer a large variety of super bright LEDs in T10 (W5W, 168, 194, 2825), T20 (7443, 7444), 3157 (3057, 3457, 4157), and 1157 (2057, 2357, 7528). car-led-light.com super bright LED parking lights are guaranteed to give your vehicle that much needed lighting upgrade. If you are tired of the dull, lackluster amber color, then experience the difference in vividness and superior brightness with iJDMTOY’s LED parking lights.