LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs

Turn signal lights are one of the most significant elements to alert other vehicles on the road and pedestrians when you need to change a lane or make a turn. It’s important to keep your turn signal lamps sharp and noticeable. Compared to the OEM incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs with a much faster responding time and brighter shine have become more and more popular and replace the old school stock bulbs for the turn signal lamps. Since 2012, most luxury automakers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche have upgraded all their new car models with LED turn signal lights. Now you can do the same by upgrading your stock turn signal bulb to LED!
Please keep in mind that when upgrading LED bulbs for the turn signal lights, front turn signal lights are usually white or amber colors and rear turn signal lights are usually amber or red colors. You will need to add load resistors or flashers to prevent LED bulbs from rapidly flashing.