LED Interior Panel Lights

Do you like the stylish LED interior light, but don't know the stock bulb size? Now you can get our guarantee-to-fit universal fit LED interior light panel boards. All our LED light panels come with a T10 adapter to fit the 2828 168 175 or 195 sockets, a BA9 adapter to fit the 64111 or H6W sockets and a length adjustable festoon adapters to fit all sizes of tube shape sockets such as DE3175 6418 211-2 578, etc. All you need to find out is if the LED panel dimension is suitable (smaller than) for the interior lamp you are about to install and that's it! Besides its no-brainer universal fit, the LED light panel also has a wider surface area than a LED bulb, therefore it will illuminate a wider area and will be much brighter than a LED bulb with the same amount of LED emitters.